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Adizero Crazy Light 2 NBA Playoff debut on April 28, 2012 season, adizero sides of feicheng76ren team-headed point guard Zhu·huoledi are Crazy Light 2, with unmatched levels of performance, conquering the United Center Stadium, perfect interpretation of black eight wonders. In the forthcoming Olympic Games in London, players Wang Zhizhi, Sun Yue, Ding jinhui and Meng Duo etc will be dressed in special Crazy color Light 2 for China's basketball glory Thursday.

When adizero Crazy Light 2 will once again show his singular, create success with Chinese basketball players. This brand new adizero Crazy Light 2 using the asymmetric SPRINTFRAME technology, sneakers on the force has significantly improved, greatly improves grip performance. Specially designed thick insole, effectively enhance the shoe support. In addition, new aerodynamic design philosophy of unprecedented three-layer SPRINTWEB thin and tough, giving athletes feet further enhancement of horizontal and vertical supports. Overall, the new design concept makes it on the weight, energy feedback and motion control shoes are a maximum increase.

Even more surprising is that the adizero Crazy Light 2 carrying micoach crazy light shoes speed_cell science and technology, in the form of data and statistics to help the players statistics, observe and share their data. Micoach loaded the advanced processor technologies, adizero crazy light shoes 360-degree monitoring the player's performance in training and on the field. Unique to the chip's memory, can store up to 7 hours of data via wireless technology to a smart phone, can I upload data to share on Facebook and Twitter.

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